Arts & Education Programs

WEC is deeply committed to educational and artistic activity that explores and extends our understanding of reciprocal healing between humans and the earth.

Programs Offered

We are deeply committed to exploring the connection we have to our environment. Our programs are structured around the pursuit of knowledge and creativity in order to intensify these relationships.

WEC has two program streams: Educational and Artistic. Each are designed to foster knowledge and engage people interested in exploring Reciprocal Healing. By pursuing a variety of approaches, we are able to create a broader understanding of health as it relates to each of us as individuals and to the world in which we live.

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  • The climate crisis and the high prevalence of environmentally-linked illness are each in part a result of crises of the imagination. To engage these crises effectively we humans need to create collective expressions of what future modes of living in dynamic equilibrium with the wider natural world can look like.
    David Fancy, PhD

Educational Programming

Our Educational programs involve the following:

  1. Community Engagement - We collaborate with businesses, educators, health-care providers, and local leaders to introduce communities to the steps they can take to pursue Reciprocal Healing activities in their area.
  2. Online Educational Modules - We work with experts in environmental medicine, ecopsychology, Indigenous studies, biology, the environmental humanities, and related subjects to provide introductions to reciprocal healing. Each contributor works to help overcome the perception that humans are somehow separate from an ‘environment’ that surrounds them.

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Artistic Activities

We pursue creative and cultural practice across a range of disciplines — from poetry, photography, music, visual arts, drama, film, storytelling, crafts and more — in the following general areas:

  1. Virtual Youth Engagement - our youth leadership team uses social media to engage youth peers nationally and beyond under the rubric #geoartistry.
  2. Community-engaged Creative Practice - we work with artists and artisans in culturally diverse communities across Ontario to explore how humans can develop non-exploitative relationships with land, flora & fauna.

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