Our Philosophy

Our Vision

WEC is passionately committed to reciprocal healing: the simultaneous pursuit of human and wider environmental health, wellness and renewal.

Woman in a forest, Well Earth Collaborative

Our Mission

Well Earth Collaborative ambitiously pursues reciprocal healing between humans and the earth by:

  • Creating and disseminating educational material about environmental health, chronic disease, and reciprocal healing to patients, health care practitioners, and the general public
  • Offering social and cultural programming that enriches peopleā€™s understanding of human and environmental health
  • Providing the appropriate tools, support, and suggestions for treatment to enable patients to return to a level of function where they can live, work, and play in society

Our Mandate

The Well Earth Collaborative (WEC) provides timely and comprehensive, multifacetedĀ  support and education for patients living with environmentally-linked chronic complex conditions.

WEC undertakes a wide variety of cultural and educational initiatives with a view to pursuing sustainable relationships between humans and the earth, especially as these intersect with matters of human and environmental health.

About Well Earth Collaborative

  • "We will knit together a fabric of support, security and validation that will carry patients through the long journey of healingā€”a journey which takes time and reintegration within the context of wholesome communities. Communities are not just comprised of other people, but include all forms of life."
    Dr. Riina I. Bray BASc, MSc, MD, FCFP, MHSc

Our Core Values

Fostering Ecological Stewardship

Through our core values, we seek to play leadership roles around environmental sustainability as it intersects with health.


We provide patients, communities, and advocates with the tools to play active roles in reciprocal healing.


We seek to remove barriers (socio-economic, racial, gendered, ableist) to the access and provision of care.

Compassion in Action

We fulfill our vision, mission, and mandate with commitment and loving-kindness.


WeĀ aspire to bring progressive, courageous, and generous solutions to collective challenges around health and the environment.

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