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Mental Health Crisis Support

Posted Jan 6th, 2024

Free resources for emergency support. If you are thinking about harming yourself or you are concerned about someone, please reach out for help.

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Reciprocal Wellness Between Humans, the Environment and the Cosmos.

Posted Oct 12th, 2022

Most people have become disconnected from the environment in which we live. The environment sustains our lives, in diverse ways, but the chain of steps between the environment and us has grown ever longer over time, so that we have lost direct connection to it. We no longer hunt and gather our own food, but our food passes through many hands in many steps before we buy it in grocery stores. Other products we need for our sustenance also pass through a long chain before they reach us, but the...

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There’s been a secret between us and I’m ready to tell you what it is

Posted Jun 11th, 2022

There has been a secret between us. It is the reason for why you feel the cool distance and uncomfortable awkwardness when we are together. I don't talk about the way I am to very many people because most don't understand even though they say that they will or that they do. (Some take what I am saying about myself personally and get offended.) Then, once it is out there it can't be taken back. It changes things between us. Usually, my confession makes no difference anyway except to add to th...

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